Be A Happiness Engineer

There is a question I’m dying to ask you. What would you do if it was impossible to fail? This question is great because it requires you look past obstacles in your life and keeps you from overestimating risk. You can do anything. What is it that you would conquer first? As human beings we are wired to overestimate risk and look at the worst outcomes. If we weren’t wired this way, we could probably end up killing ourselves.

It’s normal to overestimate risk, and underestimate ourselves. This often leads to people losing motivation and failing to get things that look intimidating. “What will others think of me? There’s no way I’m qualified for that, the competition will take me out.” There are plenty of excuses that people use to stay in their comfort zone. If you put yourself out there and give what you want to do most your best shot, failure does not matter. You will learn, and you will succeed. You will inspire others, and you will one day be able to guide someone through the waters you conqured. Most importantly you’re giving effort to something many people are afraid of.

The number one New Years resolution consistently revolves around improving health. Gym memberships sky rocket the first 2 months of the year. Why do people fall off the wagon? Two reasons 

1) They don’t know what to do at the gym

2) They don’t make time to go 

One of the biggest principles that we use in our lifestyle is incorporating multiple types of physical training (strength lifts, Olympic lifts, crossfit, gymnastics etc.) If you close your mind to a new training technique you are only limiting yourself. 

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Stay strong and have a great Labor Day!
(A great day for some hard labor)


Just the Principles 

“As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles a few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rather than give you a specific regimen to follow, we are going to teach you guidelines to live by that will lead you to a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to level up in your fitness!! There is no single diet or workout routine that will work for everyone. 

This realization is what will distinguish you from the world we live in full of fitness fads. 

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